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Improve Traffic Areas With the Use of Exposed Aggregates

The most popularly used colours in concrete steps, walkways and paths in Melbourne are the exposed aggregate colours. These aggregate colours are the result of grinding, sanding, painting or flaking. When the surface has been scratched or damaged due to any reason, then exposing the aggregate or sand will bring out the beauty in the damaged surface. There are several types of colours that can be used in the construction of the driveway or walkways. However, you should be careful while choosing the colour as the surface that is subjected to dust and sunlight will get the most wear and tear. The most preferable colours are black, grey, white and red basalt. In conjunction with this choice, the low maintenance gravels or sand are also available in various varieties. When the surface is gently scratched, then the fine aggregate or sand will be the most dominant. The light colour will give an impression of thickness and hence can be ideal for pathways and driveways. However, if the surface has to be made smooth, then it will be a good idea to use the white colour that is easy to maintain and easy to install. While you are choosing the colour for the Melbourne exposed aggregate concrete colours, it is important to note the texture of the particular area in which the driveway or walkway is to be placed. You should make the flooring slightly rough to allow the gravel or sand to slip easily and the slip resistance should be adequate. This is especially important when using exposed aggregate around pools or spas. If you are using stone or marble flooring, then the colour will not have a major effect on the durability of the flooring.
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In order to maintain the colour, the exposed aggregate colours or honed aggregate must be sealed periodically with a water-based sealant or an oil-based sealant. In order to avoid water logging or staining of the flooring, you can also choose to paint the floors instead of sealing the flooring. Painting is not always recommended as it is difficult to change the style of the finish. However, the honed aggregate finish looks stylish and you can choose to use the painted finish for a simple rustic look. To make your driveway or patio beautiful, you can also consider installing beautiful travertine or exposed aggregate concrete floors instead of the normal stone or marble ones. These can add an additional layer of style to your home and increase the value of your home. Not only that, they are beautiful to look at as well. In addition, you can choose from a variety of gorgeous tiles which are very durable and easy to maintain.